About Us

Our company was founded by Mr. Martakis Notis and Mr. Koukoulakis Makis, following a partnership between MTC GROUP and PHILIAN GROUP. The history of the two companies starts in 1985.

Our goal is to support businesses and provide them a wide range of services including marketing, sales, PR, promotion, branding campaign, social media, even long-term leasing services, bookings, technical support, Engineering and F&B services  and generally all the services that a small-medium enterprise needs in order to increase its profitability and recognition.

Our uniqueness lies in the many years of experience of our founders in the hotel management as well as tourist destinations. Thanks to our international connections with the world market, we create an ideal combination that it is first appearing in Greece.

We own headquarter offices in Athens and Thessaloniki as well, making the communication with our customers  easier and more beneficial.

Martakis Notis
President of MTC GROUP, President & Co – Founder of ADMIN

Martakis Notis, chairman of the MTC GROUP group of companies, was born in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1952. He studied Economics (Bachelor of Arts), Diploma and Social Philosophy at the Sussex College of Technology in London, Associated at Maryland University (USA) and Public Relations in Athens.

He is a regular member of the ESIEA and the International Federation of Journalists and a member of the Foreign Press Correspondents Association. In addition, he has served as the Head of the Press Office at the GNTO, was a tourist editor of recognized newspapers, professor of Public Relations at the Department of Tourism Management, he has represented Greece at international conferences and has rightly received significant honors throughout his career.

Koukoulakis Makis
President of PHILIAN GROUP, CEO & Co – Founder of ADMIN

Koukoulakis Makis was born in 1985 in Thessaloniki. He graduated in 2002 from Whitefish Township Highschool in Michigan, USA and by the American College of Thessaloniki in 2008 with two diplomas, the first one in hospitality management and the second one in marketing.

He has been President of Skiathos Hotel Association, he is a member of the MFA committee of Anatolia College. Also, he is awarded by UNESCO for its contribution to Tourism.

In 2016, he was nominated for “Manager of the Year” by the World Business Assembly.
In 2017 he was honored with the “Young-Business” award at the Money Show in Thessaloniki.


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